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ERIDAN International was formed in 1990 with a few innovative ideas that eventually became a string of U.S. patents. Many of these innovations have since been widely imitated by a host international companies. ERIDAN International has maintained its worldwide position in the market because we consistently build the same high level of quality, reliability, performance, and cost effectiveness into each and every product.

Design and operating concepts are simple and easy for users and operators to understand. Reliability, low maintenance, and ease of repairs are words commonly associated with ERIDAN products.

Our customer commitment goes well beyond giving you what you ask for. It also means listening to what you need. Most products were designed as solutions to the problems of "nobody makes what we need", dissatisfaction with existing machine performance, or simply because ERIDAN had a fresh approach and a better idea.

From narrow web to wide, from paper to film, foil, textile and non-wovens, we probably have what you need. If we don’t already manufacture what you need, we can; or we can tell you who does. That’s how we keep our customers coming back again and again.